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Tech Embassy is a modern community, consisting of young professionals, whose main objective is to guide the next generation of IT specialists and to offer them continuous support. Several of the events we organize revolve around challenging these individuals and inviting them to expand their networks so as to enable their own personal improvement.

As such, working and cooperating with leading industry representatives is key to our success. We believe it is through this shared effort that we can truly build our community and continue to provide valuable experiences to talented IT professionals.

We offer not only marketing opportunities at our various events, but also help with company culture, recruitment, talent acquisition, and much more. Our ideas are in line with the current state of the industry, which is why we wish to partner with companies regardless of size. Below are some of our ongoing projects:

Organized events


The 12-hour crunch opens the door for our partners to pose industry questions they themselves have come across, spanning a wide range of fields, all subsets of IT. To answer them, teams have to cover as many areas as possible, proving that they can properly utilize their own specialized knowledge and work together in unison.


Based on the international phenomenon, JUNCTIONxBudapest is the biggest, most ambitious hackathon in Hungary yet. The competition highlights two key ideologies: innovation & diversity. This culminates in over 200 participants arriving from all over the world, using every tool at their disposal to solve a wide variety of challenges, all from real-life scenarios.


During these self-organized workshops, participants gather each month to share their findings from the research and preparations they voluntarily undertook for the event, all in the name of building a strong, reliable community. Each time, a select number of presenters are chosen to introduce a new topic to the community, all in some way related to the intricate world of algorithms.

Specialized competitions

We at Tech Embassy are always prepared to take on new challenges. We believe it is in our best interest to be adaptive, and to be ready to cater to your organization’s needs, which is exactly why we offer our services in organizing unique competitions. Be it something concrete you have in mind or give us just a rough outline of what you are looking for and we will help you find it. The emphasis will always be on you and the values you want us to represent, and the talent we scout will be tested in accordance with those.


At our warmup events, the goal is to introduce your organization to target audiences in a pleasant, relaxed environment. Here, companies have the opportunity to make a lasting impression, to talk about themselves and their values, and to invite others to work with them. The format also gives way to potential networking, as we strive to create an atmosphere that is both friendly and professional at the same time, without it ever veering into formal or stress-inducing territory.

Specialized Employer Branding

We also offer our services when it comes to employer branding. With our vast resources we can not only give you a platform on which to appear, but also help with the content and overall look of your presentation. With our help you can convey a clear message to your desired audience, which represents either your company culture, your values, or whatever else you would like us to put on display.

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